Mother & Entrepreneur

Washington D.C

“Since I began working with Weston, I have made more focused goals for building my business.  I think most importantly, he's helped me confront some limiting beliefs and find concrete ways to not only create new beliefs, but tangible ways to make them happen.  I found myself more energized, enthusiastic, and confident that creating this business is possible.  Weston is really helping me have confidence in what I have to bring to offer. His genuine confidence in and enthusiasm for me is contagious!

He helped me to see that I can confidently build my own brand of birth work without a big name to back me up.  It has been a huge game changer.

I understand all the excuses to resist coaching - not enough time, not enough money, not enough mental capacity.  I have thought all of that, and still struggle with some of them.  But, the progress I made in only the first couple of sessions were worth the money and time. For me, as a wife and mother and many other roles, it can be difficult to invest time and money in self-development.  But that is a huge lie that only keeps me from doing what I can really do. Those beliefs still get in the way.  But the energy I feel during and immediately after a session feels so expansive.  I now believe it's all possible to do with support.”