Weston Arntsen is a life and personal development coach who helps those who are unsatisfied with their place and pace in the world.  He is hired to help them create lives rich with meaning and purpose. 

Weston started Greentree Coaching after 17 years in the hospitality industry, specializing in luxury hotels.  His experience included work within brands such as Aman Resorts and Montage Hotels & Resorts.  His experience with serving guests who were exchanging up to $10,000 per night for a hotel stay led him to really develop the ability to serve guests beyond a superficial level. He learned that leisure travelers paying some of the highest hotel fees in the world were seeking much more than luxury linens and amenities.  They were looking for a connection… either with themselves, loved ones, or to the area they were visiting.  At the end of the day, for hoteliers and guests alike — it was really about people.  His years as a General Manager especially ingrained a love for developing those who served alongside him.  His coaching-style-approach to management created lifelong bonds between him and his coworkers, and ultimately led to him electing to leave the hotel world and focus completely on coaching.  


His genuine care and efforts to work long-term with a very small group of individuals facilitate significant change and growth.  He loves seeing others accomplish their dream lives and experience the joy and fulfillment that accompanies intentional living.

He and his wife Alison are raising their four beautiful children, and currently reside in Davidson, North Carolina, USA.



Weston can be reached via email at